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You may dress for success. But how do you dress for your photo portrait?


Generally speaking, dress in solid, dark colors, regardless of your body type. Avoid stripes and patterns. Bright colors attract attention to the clothing, whereas the purpose of a portrait is of YOU - not what you're wearing.   Choose dark shoes and socks  unless it is some kind of recreation photo.  Consider wearing a minimum or even no jewelery.


If a group photograph, try to plan ahead.  You need not be consistent, but think in terms of how clothing colors will match and not clash or how not one person's bright red blouse may overly stand out from the rest - unless that it is your intent.  For example, consider  try choosing no more than three colors  with similar tones for you group photo. Check this color chart when planning your group's clothing selection.  Big graphic t-shirts and dramatic patterned shirts and dresses are to be avoided.  Jeans usually go with everything these days.


Heavier people tend to wear very loose apparel giving a shapeless "blob" appearance. Skinny people sometimes wear too tight of clothing causing "flesh spillage."  Avoid very wide or particularly deep v-neck garments or bulky cowlneck or turtleneck sweaters that completely hide the neck.


If a close-up portrait, long sleeves are best for teens and adults.  Bare arms call attention to themselves and tend to  overpower the face.


Always, always: wear clothing that is properly fitted to your present body type - particularly when you get in front of a camera!  And think ahead of what everyone will be wearing on the day of a group photograph.


If possible, get your haircut or hairdo done about two weeks prior to the photo session so that it looks truly natural at the time of capture.


During our pre-photo session meet up, we can discuss the above plus some other practical ideas with you.



Tom Coyner


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Select Your Attire with Care