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Particularly for women, but also increasingly in the cases of men, makeup can be an important part of a portrait.


Ideally, you should hire the services of a professional makeup artists - either on your own or through us. But if your budget or preference is to apply the makeup yourself, you may wish to consider the following:


The most common error in Korea is to apply an oil-based foundation. The oil is almost guaranteed to shine or glisten when the photo is taken. Instead, one should use a powder-based foundation or "cake foundation."


Then, there are the more commonly understood techniques. For example, if you have a high forehead, besides covering part or all of your forehead with hair or a hat, try shading the top with makeup.


If you think your nose is too wide for a portrait, experiment by shading the sides of your nose. Or, if you suspect your nose may look too long, you may improve your overall appearance by shading the top of your nose.


These concepts are pretty basic, but successful execution depends upon experience and skill. If you have the knowledge on how to do these and other techniques, that is great. But if you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.





Tom Coyner


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Getting Your Makeup Right